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Here on Hacker News two Wednesdays ago the most subscribed item on the DemandRush ShowHN was 'Industry-specific deep learning interviews and walkthroughs'.

Deep learning is having a major impact across every major industry, but for a software engineer, the only real tutorials you see are for generic use-cases - eg train imagenet, etc - nothing industry specific.

I wish there was a way to learn how deep learning is used in specific industries like autonomous vehicles, drug discovery, energy, drones, medical imaging. And besides just learning the use-case, I want to be able to follow step-by-step tutorials showing what the work actually looks like.

Example - "DeepChem founders interviewed this week. Here's a tutorial where you learn about the steps of drug discovery, and build a model to identify..."

Enterprise Deep Learning™ is a monthly newsletter made specifically for you. In each newsletter a deep learning expert is interviewed, and a industry-specific tutorial is published.

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The pilot will be released to email subscribers June 30th some day I have time.

Here on Hacker News two Thursdays ago is an example of a company bringing deep learning to market that we would welcome have invited have interviewed for a pilot episode.

I would like to have more companies like this work with me with the mutually beneficial caveat, particularly for the company, that all of the information shared between us, including my code implementation - based upon their guidance - and their audio walkthrough of their product, be released to the company for use anywhere they want beyond the newsletter. Email me.

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